Wednesday, February 7, 2007

2 for Toby

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Mr Tobias (rekids/BearFunk) is an up and coming producer and elegant member of the DJ History Forum. I have been digging his stuff lately. His new release on Rekids is suppose to be ace and contains a Quiet Village remix.

Def support this new guy on the block. Find his productions and remixes @ Piccadilly
2 for Toby contains- Toby Tobias_A_Close_Shave_Original_Mix & Extraproduktionen_Subgreen_Toby_Tobias_Mix

Reviews of Toby's Close Shave track

IDJ - July 2006

Former Raw Talent winner toby comes up trumps with a funked-up electronic beast on Metthew E's fresh new label. Lez: 'I like this! There's a really nice groove going off here, and the techy percussion works really well too. There's a great separation of sounds too, you can hear each one working really well and there's lots of interesting electronic stuff in general!'.

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epm said...

Aye, he is really good. I like close shave a lot.