Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Moon Rocks (sts 53)


1) Dr. John - Black Widow Spider
2) Brian Eno - In Dark Trees
3) Erkin Koray - Karli Daglar
4) Joy Division - Atmosphere
5) Kraan - Nam Nam
6) Nazan Soray - Halhal (Baris K Edit)
7) Soft Machine - Facelift (Live)
8) Can - Chain Reaction
9) PIL - Memories
10) Skinny Puppy - Glass Houses
11) Iron Curtain - Tarantula Scream
12) Nina Hagen - African Reggae
13) Kamuran Akkor - Ikmiz bir Fidaniz (Baris K edit)
14) Joy Division - Digital
15) Todd Rungren - International Feel
16) SCIFLYER - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
17) Nik Tyndall - Regn Falt
18) Conrad Schnitzler - Conal part1
19) Bruce Lenkei - Comet Ride
20) Quiet Village - Keep on Rolling

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

The Lines - Flood Bank


One of the best things I have heard all year.

Listen to preview tracks at Acute Records

From Acute:
This results in music with an acute sense of atmosphere and rhythm, a sublime sense of space with a refined subtletly.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Moonfruit (sTs #52)


1) Buckwheat - Funky way (to treat somebody)
2) Third World - Rock the World
3) Bauhaus - Here's the Dub
4) China Crisis - Scream Down on Me
5) Iron Curtain - First Punk Wars
6) JAZ - Susie Sioux
7) The Woodentops - Why (extended mix)
8) Swag - Music box (Pavel's hypnofox mix) unreleased
9) Low Motion Disco - Things are Gonna Get Better (Woolfy's Forgiveness Mix)
10) Vortex OST - Black Box Disco
11) Raphael Cameron - Desires
12) 4th Measure Men - Just a Dream
13) Waltz - SS
14) Belouis Some - Imagination (Dub)
15) The Professionals - Papa was a Rolling Stone
16) Quartz - Quartz
17) Brennan Green - Cyclons (edit)
18) Kevin Harrison - Ink Man
19) Ghost Note - Holy Jungle

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dirty Edits Vol. 2


Buy it

Elvis Presley - Crawfish (Pilooski edit) - This track is going to be the new Beggin' of 09

Unknown Pilooski Edit

Crawfish Video (original song)


The Balearic Number of the Beast

OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a contender for comp of the year. Coming soon to Claremont 56's shop

A review here by the mighty Cafe Del Lar.

Don't sleep limited to 800 world wide. I have number 666.

Originals is series of compilations put together by un-sung heroes in the music world, the discoverers, the people behind the people, the influencers and the taste makers who don’t seek the limelight and often get overlooked.
The first of the series takes us to Manchester where Moonboots and Balearic Mike expose their extensive musical repoirtoire, uncovering unknown gems and exclusive new tracks from the depths of their well thumbed and well loved record collections.

Monday, November 10, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Distant Stations (STS 51)


Exploring the dark corners of the cosmos with no way back. . .


1) Discosessions - TV Scene (Crue-l unreleased)

2) Ruth - Polaroid\Roman\Photo

3) MEQ - Beached (Unreleased Rong Edit)

4) Poni Hoax - The Symbionese Bride (Principles of Geometry Remix)

5) Spectral Empire - The Minotaur

6) The Diaphanoids - Mermaids of Lunaris

7) Busy P - Rainbow Man

8) Bob Salton - Starknight

9) Brenda Fassie - Mingi Mingi

10) Anneli Drecker - Sexy Love (Royksopp mix) - DJH Secret Weapons Release

11) Altz - Epics and Donuts (Mungolian Jetset remix)

12) Sommon Sense - Voices Inside My Head

13) Fashion - Mutant Dance Move

14) Jape - Strike Me Down (Friendly Fires Remix)

15) China Crisis - African and White

16) Jean Luc Ponty - As

17) James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Snealy Mix)

18) Chic - Golf Channel Edit

19) Charlie - LA Dreamer

20) Dennis Brown - Black Magic Woman

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

KZA - Stocks on the Deck


12 B.W.H. / STOP

First 5 Tracks

Buy it at Jetset records Japan

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Le Disco: Tele Music Remixed


Here is an exciting new project form the dudes that give you Its Tele Music remixed.

Project Description (from Bill Brewster):

We've got a compilation called Le Disco coming out shortly on download. This is the first part of the project (there are two volumes in total, the other one follows in 2009). Don't know if you know anything about Tele Music but it's sort of the French equivalent to KPM, the famous British library label that Alan Hawkshaw and others recorded for. They were also responsible for releasing the Arpadys album and the Voyage LPs (it was the same team of musicians who did most of the disco library recordings as well as both Arpadys and Voyage: Slim Pezin, Alain Dahan, Sauveur Mallia, Marc Chantereau etc etc). Anyhow, most of the tracks we've taken and edited or remixed are culled from the Disco & Co series of library albums as well as the Spatial & Co and Arpadys projects, too.

And as a taster Bill has provided an edit done by Psych-Balearic Autuer Leo Elstob of A MOuntain of One Fame and Rat Salad Edits.

Baby's Band (Re-edited by Leo Zero)

Preview Other Tracks off the album

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spaced Out: The Musical Musings of Arthur Russell (STS 50)


This weeks show (my 50th) is in honor of disco savant Arthur Russell and his eclectic blend of musical styles. Check out the new documentary on this overlooked New York Original.

'Wild Combination: A Potrait of Arthur Russell'


1) Wild Combination Documentary Excerpt- Spaced Out Intro

2) Arthur Russell - Lucky Cloud

3) Arthur Russell - Tower of Meaning/Rabbit's Ear

4) Arthur Russell - Treehouse

5) Arthur Russell - See My Brother, He's Jumping Out

6) Wild Combination Documentary Excerpt - Songwriter. . .

7) Arthur Russell - Springfield

8) Arthur Russell - You Have Done the Right Thing putting in that Skylight

9) Arthur Russell - Make 1,2

10) Arthur Russell - I Like You

11) Arthur Russell - Hop on Down

12) Wild Combination Documentary Excerpt - Music Heals. . .

13) Arthur Russell - The Platform for the Ocean

14) Arthur Russell - In the Light of the Miracle

15) Arthur Russell Sketch for Face of Helen

16) Arthur Russell Our Last Night Together

17) Arthur Russell - Get Around To It

18) Arthur Russell - That's Us/Wild Combination

19) Arthur Russell - Instrumentals 1974

20) Wild Combination Documentary Excerpt - Endtro

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Arthur Russell Info from Fact Magazine

Friday, October 17, 2008



Rod Stewart - Ghetto Blaster

Maximum Joy - Why Can't We Live Together

Cultural Mambo - Docking in Outer Space (Afro-beat mix)

Waning Summer - STS Show availible for Download


My popular demand the She Talks in Stereo - Waning summer show is now availible for download.

Check it

Part 1
Part 2


Tracklisting:1) Bobby Womack - Across 110th St (acoustic)
2) Mark E & Dragon - Good Times (QV Remix)
3) Willie Colon - El Dia De Suerte
4) Fontan - Early Morning
5) Ray Barretto - Stargazer
6) Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon
7) Principles of Geometry - Golem (EAT remix)
8) Discemi - Data Sapiens (Radio Slave Remix)
9) Ron Trent - Morning Factory
10) City Reverb - City of Lights (Prins Thomas Vocal Mix)
11) Viente Tres - Serpiente Cosmica (VOcal Mix)
12) Alton MIller - Tulum (Luumba Remix Project)
13) Soft House Company - A Little Piano (Club Mix)
14) Yacht - Summer Song
15) Luger - E - Go - A Trader in Furs living in Exile (Qv Remix)


Monday, October 6, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - The Dancing Tiger - Sts 49



Vulcans - Star Trek

Billy Idol - Flesh for Fantasy (Bare Bones Mix)

Low Motion Disco - Things are gonna get easier (Windsurf remix)

Hot Coins - One of Many

Brennan Green - Kiss (edit)

Iron Curtain - The Condos

Kiss Air - Change of Attention

Maximum Joy - Why Can't We Live Together

Luther Vandross - The Rush (Morales 12" mix)

Piano Fantasia - Song of Denise

Bhundu Boys - Bye Bye Stembi

They Came from the Stars I Saw Them - Moon Song (Mungolian remix)

Cultural Mambo - Docking in Outerspace (Afro-Beat version)

Gary L - Anything is Possible (Club Cheetah Acid remix)

Artist Unknown - Mexico (Lovefingers Barrio edit)

The Revenge - Loves Taken Over

Fred Cherry - Bus Ride to the Zoo

It's Immaterial - Driving Away from Home



Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sqwelsch's Freaky Serenade (Talking in Stereo Exclusive)


The good old boys at Sqwelsch blog have done an exclusive mix of trippy disco and dark funk entitled, Freaky Serenade. Enjoy

01.Eberhard Schoener "Falling In Trance (edit)"
02.Madingo "Mumbo-Jumbo"
03.Nico Fidenco "Waiting For The Cannibals"
04.Reanimators "Toxic Bird Cage"
05.Emperor Machine "Profundito (Padded Cell edit)"
06.Cerrone "Générique 2"
7.Uncle O "Avalanche"
08.Clara Mondshine "Die Drachentrommier (Pilooski edit)"
09.LCD Soundsystem "Freak Out"
10.Brian Eno & David Byrne "Regiment"
11.Anna "Systems Breaking Down"
12.Sarolta Zalatnay "Hadd Mondjam El"
13.Bob James "Moonbop"
14.Discodeïne "Homo Compatible"
15.Chromatics "In The City (Low Motion Disco remix)"
16.The Seebach Band "Bubble Sex (Sqwelsch edit)"
17.Ozo "Anambra"
19.Fabio Frizi "Zombi 2"20.A Split Second "Flesh (slo)"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Register to Vote

Think of all the people you know -- your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. What if every one of them voted on Election Day?

That's a lot of votes. But odds are, many of them aren't registered -- or aren't sure if they are. Now there's an easy way to learn your status and get registered.

Our new one-stop voter registration site,, lets you do it all: check your registration status, register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and find your early voting site or polling location.

Take a minute today to check out, and encourage your friends and family to do the same: In just the past few weeks, 200,000 people have used to register to vote. That's a remarkable accomplishment, and we're well on our way to our goal -- 1,000,000 people using to register to vote before the election. We're counting on all of our supporters to help reach this goal by forwarding this email to friends and family.This election is going to be incredibly close, and we need every single vote we can get to win. But almost everywhere in the country, there are only a couple of weeks left before your registration deadline. makes it easier than ever to confirm your registration. Instead of tracking down the right forms, all you need to do is answer a few basic questions and you'll be ready to vote. If you're not sure if you're registered or if you have any questions, take a minute to visit the site and make your voice heard on Election Day: Together, we can turn the tide of the past eight years and bring about the real change this country needs. But we all need to vote -- and first, we all need to be registered. Thanks for all that you do, Jon Jon CarsonNational Field DirectorObama for America

P.S. -- There are lots of ways to get this important information out there. Help spread the word by adding to your email footer, or share it with friends on online social networks. Getting as many people as possible registered to vote, and then making sure they go to the polls, is going to take all of us working together. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Open Letter to Independents & Undecided Voters

This is an open letter to those American voters who are not affiliated with either major political party, or who have not yet decided whether to vote for Barack Obama or John McCain. There are millions of you, in every state of the country, men and women, from all races, classes and ethnic groups. Each of you has his or her own reasons for not registering as either a Democrat or a Republican, and for not yet having decided whom to vote for. It's impossible to sum up such a diverse group, especially because by definition you are, well, independent. Some of you are relatively apolitical, whether out of disillusionment or simply because you have other more pressing concerns in your daily lives. Others of you follow politics, siding sometimes with Democrats, sometimes with Republicans, sometimes with libertarian figures like Ron Paul, and sometimes with none of the above.But there are a few qualities that many of you share. You are fed up with the choices offered you and sick of partisan rancor. You are disillusioned both with the Bush administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress. Many of you are conservative on fiscal policy and liberal on social issues, which is a big reason neither party exactly fits you. Mainly, you want someone who will actually deliver -- on the economy, on foreign policy, on domestic programs. And you don't care what his or her political label is.Because you hold the key to the election, both John McCain and Barack Obama have been assiduously courting you. But you're not sold on either candidate. You like the fact that McCain has a reputation as a maverick and an independent thinker, but you're not sure if he doesn't just represent more of the Washington status quo. As for Obama, you don't know much about him and all the mania about him only makes you suspicious.As the endless campaign moves into the home stretch, the noise from both sides and their supporters grows deafening. You're sick of the hyperbolic, us-against-them commentary that dominates our political discourse. What follows is a list of the main issues facing the country, and an attempt to compare, in as neutral a way as possible, how the two candidates stack up on those issues.

THE ECONOMY McCain First, there's the overriding matter of simple competence. By his own admission, McCain knows little about economics and has little interest in it. His ignorance has been reflected in the numerous confused and inaccurate statements he has made since the financial crisis exploded, including saying that "the fundamentals of our economy remain strong," then clumsily saying he meant America's workers; falsely blaming the meltdown on "abuses within Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac"; incoherently blaming the crisis on nameless "greedy" individuals (we all know that Wall Street functions on greed -- greed is not the problem) and saying if he were president he would fire SEC chairman Chris Cox (which the president lacks the power to do). McCain simply does not inspire confidence as a capable manager of the incredibly complex U.S. economy, especially at a time of unprecedented collapse.Second, there's the fact that the Republican Party has betrayed true conservatism. McCain, Bush and their fellow ideologues claim to be conservatives, but in fact their ideology is profoundly unconservative. Because McCain and Bush are so fixated on cutting taxes for the richest Americans, while simultaneously insisting on vastly increasing spending, they have saddled the country with a ruinous, record debt, much of it owed to China. True fiscal conservatives strive to keep taxes low, but understand that nations, like individuals, must live within their means. That's the root meaning of "conservative" -- you conserve what's valuable. By spending like drunken sailors while starving the government of money by cutting taxes on plutocrats, Bush and McCain have passed a crippling debt on to our children and grandchildren. This is the very opposite of conservatism -- it's more like "spend it now and pass the buckism." Third, and most important, there's common sense: You don't reward failure. At this moment, with the U.S. suffering through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression and saddled by the largest debt in our nation's history, with wages stagnant, credit tight and food and energy costs soaring, why would anyone support a candidate whose beliefs and policies are identical to those of George W. Bush? Let's assume you are fiscally conservative -- meaning you tend to support lower taxes and deregulated markets and are wary of big government. At first glance, this would seem to make a Republican candidate a more attractive choice. But, in fact, the labels "Republican" and "Democrat" don't mean much anymore when it comes to the economy. As the current crisis shows, Republicans are as prone to engage in big-government regulation as Democrats.The bottom line is all that matters, and the Republicans are largely responsible for that bottom line. The crisis happened on the GOP's watch, and it was a direct result of their beliefs and policies. One of McCain's top economic advisors, Phil Gramm -- who said the country was only in a "mental recession" and called Americans "a nation of whiners" -- was one of the authors of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that deregulated the banking industry and was largely responsible for the current meltdown. By encouraging speculators to take excessive risks without fear of penalty, the Republicans are largely responsible for financial disasters such as the one we are now experiencing -- and for the earlier savings and loan debacle that tarred McCain. Whatever your personal economic views, it simply doesn't make sense to reward the Republicans for their failure.Obama First, it should be said that the Democrats, too, bear some responsibility for the current mess. It was President Clinton who signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Second, no president is going to be able to wave a magic wand and clean up this mess overnight. But the Democrats have always been more concerned with the welfare of American workers, and less ideologically driven than the Republicans. That mixed, practical approach led to the creation of one of America's great institutions, Social Security. Not surprisingly, McCain joined Bush in trying to privatize part of Social Security, which McCain called "a disgrace." Americans overwhelmingly rejected that misguided attempt, but McCain still embraces the same failed ideas. Obama, by contrast, stands in the moderate, mainstream American tradition, one that recognizes the virtues of free markets but also recognizes that total deregulation ends up benefiting not average Americans but the super-rich -- who are now being bailed out at taxpayer expense.If elected president, Obama would not be able to restore the glory days of the soaring stock market and the housing bubble -- those factors are out of his or any president's control. But he would be far more likely to steer a safe and centrist course. He would encourage entrepreneurship and initiative, but regulate excessively risky practices like the unchecked mania for subprime loan-based securities that led to the current collapse. He also understands that the U.S. is inextricably tied into the world economy, and that simply mouthing bromides about the glories of the "free market" is no longer meaningful in the age of globalized capital and impossible-to-understand financial transactions like derivatives.In the end, you should ask yourself a straightforward question. If you believe that you've done better financially under Bush than Clinton, you should vote for McCain. If you don't, you should vote for Obama.

McCain Let's assume that you tend to trust Republicans more on national security. McCain has far more experience than Obama, and he is a war hero. So it might seem logical to tilt toward McCain. But as with the economy, labels don't mean anything, only results. On Iraq, the most important foreign policy decision since Vietnam, McCain was dead wrong. Not only did he ardently support (and still supports) that disastrous war, which most analysts consider one of the greatest foreign-policy mistakes in U.S. history, he's actually to the right of Bush: He's still talking about "victory" in Iraq, an idea that even Bush has abandoned. A vote for McCain increases the chances of an endless and self-destructive U.S. military presence in Iraq.McCain's foreign policy approach would make America less safe, not more. McCain would be far more likely to restart a dangerous cold war with Russia. His hard-line policies, formulated by advisors who include some of the same neoconservatives who dreamed up the Iraq war, would imperil America. His bellicose rhetoric toward Iran raises the specter of a war that could raise oil prices to as high as $10 a gallon, lead to a global depression, threaten U.S. troops, and greatly increase the chances that radical Islamists would attack the U.S. mainland again.Obama Obama has far less experience than McCain. But experience means little without good judgment, and on foreign policy Obama's judgment has clearly been better than McCain's. Obama opposed Bush's invasion of Iraq from the start, insisting that capturing Osama bin Laden and defeating al-Qaida was our top priority and that Iraq was a disastrous distraction. This isn't a partisan or Democratic opinion -- it is one held by America's intelligence agencies, which agree that the Iraq war has made America far less safe. Obama has a coherent plan for an orderly withdrawal of U.S. troops.Moreover, the fact that the rest of the world overwhelmingly wants to see Obama elected simply cannot be ignored. It's tempting at times to thumb our noses at or try to run roughshod over other nations, but the Bush years have shown that it is not a luxury worth indulging. America's "soft power," our good name, is a vital asset that we cannot afford to squander. In an interconnected world, it is simply not in the U.S. interests to be despised by our allies. It makes it much harder for us to pursue our national interests both in terms of national security and economically. Under Bush, the U.S. is more unpopular than it has ever been. Electing Obama would immediately help reverse that lamentable trend. Electing McCain would continue it.

McCain Once a courageous critic of the Christian right, McCain has thrown in his lot with it for political reasons. This pleases the Republican base, which makes up about 15 percent of the country, but it ensures that America will continue to be painfully polarized, as it has been for the last eight years. The increasingly nasty "culture war" has led to a loss of civility and mutual respect and has damaged our social fabric.Obama Americans disagree and will continue to disagree on contentious issues like abortion, the role of religion in public life, affirmative action, and gay rights. But Obama is far more likely to be a national uniter on these issues, because his positions are more moderate and are shared by more Americans. Conservatives, liberals and independents alike all have an interest in finding common ground on these divisive issues, and when that isn't possible, finding a civil way to discuss them. Obama, who has sought to transcend worn-out clichés about race, has a proven track record of reconciliation on such matters.CHARACTER McCain McCain was once highly respected even by his political opponents for his integrity and willingness to challenge GOP orthodoxy. Unfortunately, that was the old McCain. The new McCain has sold out his principles to win. He has abandoned his independent positions on issues like taxes, torture and immigration and fallen in line with his party's policies. He has also run a much dirtier campaign than Obama, endlessly attacking his opponent's integrity and running transparently false ads that even members of his own party have repudiated. His cynical, win-at-all-costs approach is epitomized by his highly irresponsible choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate, one that even GOP guru Karl Rove says was purely political. Palin may have her personal virtues, and you may find her a breath of fresh air, but no one except die-hard partisans can seriously argue that she is actually prepared to be president. This alone is a reason not to vote for McCain, even if you agree with some of his positions. That McCain would be willing, for purely political reasons, to put an unqualified individual a heartbeat away from the most difficult and important job in the world raises serious questions about his judgment, and ultimately about his character.Obama Obama is not the saint some of his supporters claim him to be, but there are no serious stains on his character. He belonged to a church whose pastor gave some incendiary anti-American sermons, but he repudiated those views and quit the church. His is a classic American story of overcoming long odds: A mixed-race child raised by a single mother, he went on to become the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review. He passed up a sure shot at corporate wealth to work with impoverished residents of Chicago. His track record in the Illinois Senate and then the U.S. Senate is solid. And his campaign, while it has at times played hardball politics, has been largely respectful and avoided ad hominem attacks on his opponents. He is exceptionally intelligent and has written one of the most widely praised books ever penned by a politician. None of this proves that his character is flawless, but it should dispel needless fears about it.All this adds up to a clear conclusion: Barack Obama is far more likely to be an effective president than McCain. And he's far more likely to bring real change to Washington than McCain, who may have good intentions but who shares the failed policies of George W. Bush and his party. This isn't because Democrats are good and the Republicans are evil, or because Obama is some sort of political messiah, but because the Republicans have had their turn and screwed things up, and America desperately needs something different. Obama will not be a miracle worker. But he'll change the disastrous course steered by the Bush administration. McCain may move the furniture around on the deck, but it'll be the same Titanic.As independents, you aren't beholden to any party or ideology. You have the privilege, and the responsibility, of thinking for yourselves. And when you do that, you'll find there's only one reasonable choice: Barack Obama.

Friday, September 19, 2008

DJ Plastikk - Neptune Ocean Dive (Planet Series 03)


Pavel Plastikk - Neptune Ocean drive

Wonder what it feels like to slide through the thick haze of neptune's hyrdo gases well listen to DJ Plastikk's new mix in his Planet Series and you'll get an idea.


Monday, September 8, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Waning Summer (STs #48)


1) Bobby Womack - Across 110th St (acoustic)
2) Mark E & Dragon - Good Times (QV Remix)
3) Willie Colon - El Dia De Suerte
4) Fontan - Early Morning
5) Ray Barretto - Stargazer
6) Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon
7) Principles of Geometry - Golem (EAT remix)
8) Discemi - Data Sapiens (Radio Slave Remix)
9) Ron Trent - Morning Factory
10) City Reverb - City of Lights (Prins Thomas Vocal Mix)
11) Viente Tres - Serpiente Cosmica (VOcal Mix)
12) Alton MIller - Tulum (Luumba Remix Project)
13) Soft House Company - A Little Piano (Club Mix)
14) Yacht - Summer Song
15) Luger - E - Go - A Trader in Furs living in Exile (Qv Remix)

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bob Dazzla - Too Talks in Stereo Mix


San Diego's newest Disco malcontent rises to the challenge with an exclusive mix for Talking in Stereo.

Tony Allen - Nepa Dance Dub
Skatebard - Flashes in the Night
Phill & The Friends - This Man
Tom Tom Club - Suboceana (Magic Juan mix)
Ultracity - Divisadero
Chroma Oscura - Glow Worms
The Earons - Land of Hunger
Vangelis - Multi-Track Suggestion
Blackway - New Life
Cosmo V. - Fern Groove
Randaberg Ego Ensemble - Kepsj
John Daly - Move
Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love (Still Going Remix)
16 Bit - Where Are You (Instrumental)
Queen Samantha - Take a Chance

BobDazzla is a San Diegan disco dancer, sweet romancer, record collector/player, and proud member of the Calsound. com internets team. With a raunchy last name like Dazzla it should be no surprise he warmly embraces the leftfield/beardo/weirdo side of the disco spectrum. Dazzla knows how we do it over here at the Salty Disco and so he's abandoned his usual schtick of "MAXIMUM DISCO RUSH" and turned down the tempo a few notches for this mix. Solid Sunday groover all the way through.
Bob knows you'll enjoy.

You can get a little taste of the man and check out his upcoming gigs on his myspace at:

Le Mix de Bob Dazzla

Monday, August 25, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Hunter Gatherer (sTS # 47)



1) STS Intro

2) Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's Night

3) Aphrodite's Child - Loud Loud Loud

4) The Grid - Floatation (Progressive Mix)

5) Soft Rocks - Black Magic

6) laid Back - Play it Straight

7) Duran Duran - Skin Trade (Parisian Mix)

8) Vortex OST - Black Box Disco

9) Mofungo - Hunter Gatherer

10) Walter Murphy & the Big Apple Band - A Fifth of Beethoven

11) James White & the Blacks - Contort Yourself (August Darnell Remix)

12) Ciccone Youth - Me and Jill (Chicken Lips Remix)

13) Jackmaster Dahle - Vesuvio (Prinsens Disko Deluxe)

14) Phillip Lynott - Yellow Pearl (Midge Ure Remix)

15) JM Silk - Music is teh Key (House Key)

16) Rocker's Revenge - Dub Goes my Heart

17) Pulsallama - Ungawa Ptll (Way out Guiana)

18) The Laughing Light of Plenty - The Rose

19) Street Choir - Workin'

20) Optimus - Caste Off (Drift Mix)

21) Happy Cones - Brothers and Sisters

22) STS Outro



Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

DEEP ALBUM CUTS: Laurie Anderson - Mister Heartbreak


Produced by Bill Laswell (Material). With Contributions from Peter Gabriel, Andrian Belew & William S Burroughs.

Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's Night (William S Burroughs on vocals)

Laurie Anderson - Gravity's Angels

Laurie Anderson - Blue Lagoon

DEEP ALBUM CUTS - Laid Back 'Play it Straight'

For the life of me I can't find this album cover.

Laid back - CC Cool

Laid Back - Abu-Dhabi

Laid Back - Play it Straight

Monday, August 18, 2008

Talking in Stereo w/ POLLYester


With all of the glut of new releases having come out this year, one release has really caught by ear in its design, sound, and style. POLLYester's 12'' on Germany's Love in C Minor had a very limited pressing with great cover art and of course a unique sound. It has a new wave/no wave charater with a very cool Mooner cosmic chuggy remix of the lead track Amen. Mooner was kind enough to answer some of my lame interview questions.

Also a special treat Mooner and Polly have also put together a collection of tracks they enjoy for your listening pleasure.


1) Explain how the “band” works. it is a band right? Whose responsible for what?
Mooner: general manager, guy - to -call-when-sth-is wrong
Polly: Vocals and Bass guitar, arrangements
Yossarian: percussion+drums, vocals
DJ Kaput: sound engine, Effect Unit, Ronald Space Echo

2) How did you guys meet?
We´re all good freinds since a long time, polly is my wife, Yossarian was in other bands with Polly before, and Kaput is our longtime Zombocombo compagnion (Zombocombo is our monthly party)

3) Describe an early musical memory.
Cassette tape that my mom gave me.
A side Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the wall
B Side: IDEAL (first album 1981)

4) Describe the recording process? What equipment do you use? Where do you record?
Really simple equipment, mainly bass guitar, a lot of percussion, some synth and a Hohner Clavinet.We´re gonna record at Patrick Pulsinger´s studio in Vienna, before just at freind´s studios...

5) When/Where was the last time a DJ moved you on the dance floor?
Mooner: Last time it was probably Jeans Team.
Polly: Florian Keller (of Compost)

6) Explain the philosophy of Love in C Minor (the Label)?
LICM is a countdown label: We´re releasing records counting down from 10. That means after 10 releases, the label will commit suicide!

7) What’s next for POLLYester? Is there an album in the works?
Pollyester will go on tour in Japan (September 23 rd to October 10th or so with Dompteur Mooner)And also we´ll go to the UK in October (16th to 22nd). Polly will record new stuff next week in the studio for the new 12", and she is recording vocals for an artist we can´t tell you YET!!!Hehehe

8) Name your top three desert Island recordings?
1. B52s - Play Loud
2. Ultravox - Three into one
3. White Noise - Electric Storm in hell (this should be No. 1 is guess!!)



You can really see their individual style come out in these selections:

1) Kid Creole and The Coconuts - I am
2) Chicago - I am a Man pt.1
3) Brother to Brother - Chance with you
4) Chicago - I am a Man pt. 2
5) KC and the Sunshine Band - Get down tonight
6) Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band - A Fifth of Beethoven
7) Add N to X - Eveready Equestrian
8) Club L eBomb - Purple Tiger
9) Aphrodite's Child - Loud Loud Loud
10) Dead Kennedy's - The Prey
11) Lucifer - Ring of Aida

Just released on Love in C Miner are Mooner's edits of Conrad Schnitzler's original recordings
sound snippets here.

Mooner's Mix on Viva's Naked Fridays.
Goto the contributer section find Naked Fridays (alphabetical order) and use the episode drop down to find Mooner's mix. A real belter.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Simple Tones Ratio (STS 46)


1) STS Intro
2) Roy Budd -Vigilante! Dialogue
3) Low Motion Disco - Things are Gonna Get Easier
4) Glasgow Underground - Stella Sunday (Idjut Boys String-a-pella)
5) Jose Gonzalez - Killing for Love (Todd Terje mix)
6) Morten Soreson - Start Something
7) Rodion - Electric Soca (Cosmo Vitelli remix)
8) Desmond and the Tutus - Kiss You on the Cheek (King of Town Remix)
9) MGMT - Electric Feel (Aeroplane Remix)
10)Moby - I Love to MOve in Here (Holy Ghost! Remix)
11) Free Blood - Never HEar Surf Music Again (Barfly Remix)
12) Fjordfunk - Let Our Spirits Go (Lindstrom Remix)
13) Chic - Flashback (Golf Channel Edit)
14) Andrew Allsgood - He Travel Far
15) Q & A - Taking it Straight (edit)
16) 40 Thieves feat. Qzen - Don't Turn it Off
17) Stephen Rigmaiden - Black Sun (Abicah Soul mix)
18) Fernando - Kick in the Eye (Vocal MIx)
19) Led Zepplin - When the Levees Break
20) Roy Budd - Vigilante! Dialogue
21) STS outro

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DJ Plastikk - Our Sinful Earth (Planet Series 02)


Its been a long time comin but Pavel Plastikk aka DJ Plastikk delivers the next installment of his planet series. Providing a vinyl only excursion into the deep recesses of innerspace. This is a mix fit for headphones and languid summer times.

Sit back and enter Our Sinful Planet

DJ Plastikk - Our Sinful Earth

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

American Apparel Flea Market this Sunday


Link to info


I'll be playin my usual mix of balearicleftfieldisco at this bargin fiesta from 1pm-2:30pm. Come by and say what's up!!

Schedule of events:
> 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM - Viva Radio (DJ Set)
> 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM - DJ Bwyse (DJ Set)
> 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM - TBD
> 03:30 PM - 05:00 PM - Quiero Club (DJ Set)
> 05:00 PM - 06:30 PM - Ryan Hamilton (DJ Set)
> 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM - Mae Moreno (DJ Set)
> 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM - Happy-Fi All-Stars (Live Set)
> 09:30 PM - 10:00 PM - Them Jeans (DJ Set)
> 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM - Sebastien Tellier (Live Set)
> 11:30 PM - 01:00 AM - Them Jeans (DJ Set)

Summertime . . . Chillin


Shannon - Give me Tonight (the Mighty Mix)

Alicia Bridges - Body Heat (Wrong Speed)

Duran Duran - The Chauffuer

Led Zepplin - California

Yardbirds - For Your Love

Monday, July 21, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Sons of Dust (STS #45)



1) Beres Hammond - Come Down Father
2) Coldcut - Walk a Mike in My Shoes
3) The Blow Monkeys - Diggin your Scene
4) Audiofly & Paul Harris - Miscalate (Partial Arts Remake)
5) Mudd & Chico Hamilton - Kerry's Caravan
6) Elvis Costello - Walking on Thin Ice
7) Editors - All Sparks (Prince Language Remix)
8) Eberhard Schoener - Agung Raka - Delang
9) Donald Byrd - Onward Til Morning
10) Chex Damier & Ron Trent - Foot Therapy
11) Cherokee People - Red Man's Land
12) Ne-Yo - Closer
13) Beach House - Master of None
14) Asymuth - Roda Plao (Spiritual South Remix)
15) Charanga '76 - My Forbidden Lover
16) Arthur Russell - Lucky Cloud
17) Bruce Springsteen - Cover Me (Dub)
18) Dee-Lite - How DO You Say. . .Love (A Delicious Pal Joey Remix)
19) Crue-L Grand Orchestra - Time Moves On (DJ Harvey's Offer You Can't Refuse Remix)
20) Al Di Meola - Love Theme from 'Picture of You. . ."
21) Barrabas - On the Road
22) Donna Summer - State of Independence
23) Kaoru Inoue - Valley of Light (Tidd Terje Edit)

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Thursday, July 10, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Main Cargo (Sts #44)


Track listing:

1) STS intro

2) Michael Rose - Reality Dub

3) Main Ingredient - California My Way

4) Banzai Republic - Loungin with Jacko

5) Mystery Slang - The Dark Archer

6) A Man Called Adam - Techno Powers

7) Andrea True Connection - More More More (SDC Re-edit)

8) Axel Bauer - Cargo (remix)

9) Coyote - Coyote Star

10) Dizzi Heights - Would I find Love

11) Chaz Jankel - Get Myself Together (DRRTYHAZE remix)

12) !!! - Yadnus (Still Going Remix)

13) Hedford Vachal - Toys

14) Betty Botox - Cosmic Orgasm

15) Andrew Allsgood - Penny's Illin (edit)

16) Simian Mobile Disco - Love (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve Re-animation)

17) Maelstrom - Petrichor (Coyote Remix)

18) Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey and Reformers Band - Eyi Yato/Elere Ni Wa

19) The London Heavy Disco Review - Magic Sky (Glass Robot)

20) STS Outro

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jez Proctor - 4am in Detroit


Jez Proctor - 4am in Detroit

Jez from innersounds delivers an epic mix of fun-key detroit badness. Picture sliding down a detroit highway with your gangster lean on and your close to the sounds in this mix.

Don't be distracted by a tracklist just download and sit back smoke a blunt and enter Detroit at 4am. . .

Monday, June 23, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Dream Defect (sTs43)



1) STS intro
2) Ben Watt feat. Estelle - Pop a Cap in Yo Ass
3) Angel Moraes - feat. Sally Cortez - Welcome to the Factory (Angel's Journey Mix)
4) Gene Hunt - Inspire (Abicah Soul Mix)
5) Osunlade - April (Abicah Soul dub)
6) Figurines - The Air We Breathe (Prins Thomas Disco Miks)
7) Fjordfunk - 4.15 (No Country for Brennan Green Remix)
8) Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Disco Dub)
9) Ananda Project - Moment Before Dreaming (Idjut Boys remix)
10)Botox - Tragedy Symphony
11)Free Blood - Never Hear Surf Music Again
12) Mad Professor meets Mafia & Fluxy - Ursa Major
13) Yami Bolo- Conqueror
14) Lee Ritenour - Countdown (Captain Fingers)
15) Chaz Jankel feat. Tina Weymouth - Whisper
16) Dr. John - Jet Set (Clement Daphonics Edit)
17) Ahmed Fakroun - Nisyan
18) Tangerine Dream - Burning Bar (Thief OST)



Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Friday, June 13, 2008

Sixty Five edits 003 - OUT NOW!!


The real deal!!

Love canal used on a mix by Mr. Fred Naked

DJHistory Thread

Its finally here the release of Sixty Five edits 003. Edits by JAZ, TUSK, & Half-Fact

Availible in the following Shops:
Phonica Records, London

Not much info on the artists but Sixty Five records (or maybe we should say mother label Claremont 56) managed to get some amazing tracks together once again! It's Jaz, Half Fact and Tusk recording some superb jazzy summer disco vibes. The disco funk is definitely broken out on the A1 whilst the second track on the A side works a bleepy eighties-vibe (just check out those raw drums!). Things all go a little bit more serene on the B side. Another essential collection of re-edits and the like from those Claremont cats!


Piccadilly Records

Four more mysterious edits from the Claremont camp, first up is Half Fact with "Jet Lag", crisp beats, plenty of squealing guitar, some horn action an a killer swirling disco groove. Next up is Jaz with "Gliding" which is a touch more digital, bleepy melody, nice rhythm guitar, spacey synths, more horns (albeit filtered in a weird way) and a plodding beat. Over on the B-side Half Fact's "Set Phasers To Stun" is a big orchestrated disco number, with a big old slap bassline, noodly synth action and more horns! Last up is Tusk, "Return To Love Canal" is another mid tempo piece with even more horns, a big old lazy beat, this one is a real smoocher, we may even see people necking in nightclubs because of this sultry little number

Terry's (from T.M.L blog) take on the release. Preview some of the tracks there also.

Friday, June 6, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Somethin' Stridin (sTs41)



1) STS INtro

2) Compass Point All-Stars

3) America - Horse with No Name (Leo Zero Rework)

4) Jess Roden & Peter Wood - Future Soon

5) Jan Hammer Group - Oh Yeah

6) Robin Trower - Shame the Devil

7) Monsoon - Third Eye and Tika TV

8) Quiet Village - Pacific Rhythm

9) Snoop Dogg -Sensual Seduction (instrumental)

10) Riuchi Sakamoto & Robin Scott - Just About Enough

11) Was(Not Was) - (Return of the Valley) Out Come the Freaks

12) Freddie Mercury - Love Kills (Extended Dance mix)

13) Flowchart - Ask the Boss (Sad Ghost Tape Redit)

14) Max Essa - Dead Acrobat

15) ToTo - Georgy Peorgy (Dodi's Crossover Remix)

16) Kissing the Pink - Mr. Blunt

17) Yazoo - Situation (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)

18) Banarama - Long Train Running (Alma De Noche mix)

19) B-52's Summer of Love (LOve Dub)

20) Gherkin Jerks - Space Dance

21) Lexx - Disco L

22) Syllvester - I need Somebody to Love Tonight

23) Smith & Mudd - Vegetable Square

24) STS Outro

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST



Doug Lazy - H.O.U.S.E (Ozone remix)

Safire - Taste the Bass (Taste the Redzone mix)

Friday, May 30, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Gradual Property (sts 41)



1) STS intro

2) Leo Zero - Badu Reggae Mixdown

3) Rachel Sweet - Its so Different (The Recut)

4) The Bees - Better Days (Ashley Beedle remix)

5) Richard Strange - Damacus (Leo Zero Re-edit)

6) Aeroplane feat. Kathy Diamond - Whispers

7) Freshro - I Turn my Camera On

8) Kissing the Pink - Big Man Restless

9) Pat Les Stache - Lovin in the Jungle

10) Top Billin - Willing

11) Tony Sylvester - Cosmic Lady

12) Alexander Robotnik - Problemes D'Armour (Ah Oh Version)

13) The Detachments - Fear No Fear (Moscow Remix)

14) Chic - I Want Your Love (DreamTime Remix)

15) Doug Lazy - Let it Roll

16) Marianne Faithful - Broken English (Baron Von Luxury re-edit)

17) David Joseph - You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)

18) John Martyn - 1984 (Summer of Lovefingers Mix)

19) STS Outro



Show plays Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST