Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Timm Sure - Live From San Rafael (Talking in Stereo Exclusive)

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Ok Folks,
Timm Sure has been kind enough to do an exclusive mix for Talking in Stereo. Besides being a great DJ, Timm is also a producer under his, Coyote with partner Ampo, moniker making uber-Balearic tracks that douse you in sunlit atmosphere. Timm has been DJ'ing since 1988 so you know he has deep crates.

Timm Sure - Live from San Rafael

Track listing:
1) Justus Kohncke - the answer is yes
2) David Bowie - heat of the morning
3) Tangerine Dream - impressions of sorcerer
4) Phoreski - down and out
5) The World - the loop
6) Woolfy vs Projections - the return of starlight
7) Smith and Mudd - Vegetable Square
8) Coyote feat Saro Tribastone - Eve
9) Kid Creole and the Coconuts - I'm a wonderful thing, Baby
10) A Mountain of One - People without Love
11) Quartz - Meltdown
12) Coyote - Too Hard (Aeroplane remix)
13) Dc La Rue - DC le Groove (GW Edit)
14) The B-52's - 53 miles west of Venus
15) Janis Ian - Fly Too High

To get a hold of Timm's 4 mix series called "Is it Balearic. . .' run over to Cool in the Pool.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Tough Get Going. . .Bow Wow Wow

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Organized by Malcolm McLaren (ex Sex Pistols Manager), this 1980's new wave band whose wall of sound style drumming was characterized as "african-derived." The band whose core was "persuaded" my Malcolm to leave Adam & the Ants formed the foundation for Annabelle Lwin's vocal contributions.

"The group's sound was a mix of her "girlish squeal", Balinese chants, surf instrumentals, New Romantic pop melodies, and Barbarossa's Burundi ritual music influenced tom tom drum beats"(Wikipedia).

From the 1983 album 'When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going'

Lonesome Tonight
Love Me
Quiver (Arrows in my)
The Man Mountain

Monday, September 24, 2007

Criss-Cross Rhythms that Explode with Happiness. . .

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That is the definition of this very influential African-inspired London based band, Osibisa. Composed of three Ghanaian and three Caribbean musicians formed in 1969.

During the 70's Osibisa played a critical hand in developing an awareness of African music among European and North American audiences.

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From the Heads Album:

Do you Know
Che Che Kule
Sweet America

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She Talks in Stereo - Dance Caravan Blue (STS #23)

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Description: This space caravan is trading its wares in exotic backwater planets that never see the light of the milkyway. . .


1) STS Intro
2) Bruce Springsteen - State Trooper
3) Traffic - Graveyard People
4) Grateful Dead - Fire on the Mountain
5) Little Feat - Spanish Moon
6) Wooden Shjips - We ask you to ride
7) Life on Earth! - Life on Earth
8) Quiet Village - Desparate Hours
9) Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Feat. Dwele)
10) Brennan Green - Camera 3 (edit)
11) Barrabas - On the Road
12) Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
13) Mock & Toof - K-Choppers
14) Hercules and Love Affair - Athene
15) Patrick Cowley - Get a Little (extended version)
16) Wild Rumpus - Musical Blaze-up (Rub n Tug remix)
17) Bob Seger - Night Moves (The Hong Kong Micros tr808 mix)
18) DJ Ransom - Peg
19) Bollywood Freaks - Don't Stop til You Get Enough
20)Nitro Deluxe - Journey to Cybotron (Dub Mix)
21) Coldplay - Square One (Rub n Tug remix)
22) STS Outro


Show plays Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

TJ Gorton's Cabana Mix (Talking in Stereo Exclusive)

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One of the best audiobloggers around Mr. American Athlete's TJ Gorton has graced us with an exceptionally soulful and uplifting disco experience. TJ first came to my attention through his productions on Beat Freeze Records and especially with his Jane Fonda track. If you like disco and who doesn't then TJ's blog is a paradise of music from all time periods and aesthetics. His blog is definately an illustration on how to dig and dig deep.

TJ has also provided us with his unreleased track on Beat Freeze Records with an accompanying Anthony Manfield's (Hector works) remix.

TJ Gorton - Club Cabana

TJ Gorton - Cabana Mix

Track listing:

01. Cerrone - Living on Love
02. First Choice - Great Expectations
03. Voyage - Souvenirs
04. Fantastic Four - Got To Have Your Love
05. Teddy Pendergrass - Do Right (Lee Douglas Re-edit)
06. Don Ray - Standing In The Rain
07. Loleatta Holloway - We're Getting Stronger(Backing Acapella)
08. TJ Gorton - Club Cabana
09. Brass Construction - Movin'
10. Crown Heights Affair - Say A Prayer For Two
11. Best Friend Around - It's So Good To Know
12. Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing (Tangoterje Edit)
13. The O'Jays - I Love Music (Dim's Dancefloor Touch Up)

Def stop by his blog and drop the man a comment. Peace

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dead Head

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Ok I know this is suppose to be a disco blog but I can't help it. I got a few Dead albums that were suppose to be their disco cross-over/sell-out period (Terrapine Station & Shakedown Street) and while finding some dead-head disco, I have also found some great reggae inspired tracks and intrumentals (estimated Prophet and Fire on the Mountain). It goes to show that one man's sell out is anothers gold. I am secretly a hippie in polyester pants. . . Peace

Grateful Dead - Serengetti

Grateful Dead - Fire on the Mountain.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Marius Circus - Live @ Fru Hagen (Exclusive mix)

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This exclusive mix comes from the frozen fjords of Norway and the home of all things Viking Disco. Marius Circus (aka the slice and dicer Willy Japan) has been leading the charge of dance music for a while with hosted mixes on the best audioblogs (DrrtyNY and to name a few). Marius has opted to provide us with a live mix from Fru Hagen a hip cafe/club in Oslo. In this mix he pushes all the right buttons spanning tracks from the newest buzz worthy biz (Mark E's R&B Drunkie & Fleetwood Mac's U make Lovin fun) combined with disco and House classics should have brought the house down at Fru Hagen. Thanks Marius for the great toons and sharing part of the night with us. Peace


1. Bronx Dogs - Tribute To Jazzy Jay (Death Mix)
2. Tal M. Klein - Houston Brownwater Moccasins (B-Team Remix)
3. Kelis - Milkshake (Prins Thomas Edit)
4. Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng (Da Lata Remix)
5. Santa Esmeralda - Black Pot
6. Meco - Cantina Band Theme (Underdog Edit)
7. Imagination - Changes (Larry Levan Mix)
8. Cro-Magnon - La Fusion
9. Janet Jackson - R+B Drunkie (ME Edit)
10. The Rolling Stones - Miss You (Extended 12" Mix)
11. Heavy Disco - Know Thy God (L.A. Trip Edit)
12. Blaze - We All Must Live Together (Timmy Regisford 12" Version)
13. Claudja Barry - (Boogie Woogie) Dancin' Shoes (Solid State's Space Boogie Edit)
14. Whitney Houston - Love Will Save The Day (Jellybean & David Morales Underground Mix)
15. Fleetwood Mac - You Make Lovin' Fun (Remix)
16. Herbie Hancock - Saturday Night (Beatconductor's Special Disco Rework)
17. James Brown - Sex Machine (Readymade Jazz Defector Mix)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Heaven Sent

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Heaven 17 - Play to Win
Heaven 17 - Penthouse and Pavement
Heaven 17 - Geisha Boys and Temple Girls

From the split from Human League we get Heaven 17. David Mancuso at the last loft party played the 12' version of play to win and it was awesome.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

She Talks in Stereo - Space Payload (STS #22)

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Description: Atoms burst and collide to reveal the streams and skeins of cosmically minded entropy. . .




STS Intro
The Carpenters - Calling Occupants of Interplantary Craft
Gandalf - Sunset at the Crystal Lane
David Gilmour - There's No Way Out of Here
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan
Brainticket - Place of Light
The Dynamics - 7 Nation Army
Feist - Sea Lion Woman
Donald Fagen - I.G.Y
Debra DeJean - Time of the Season
Edwin Starr - Get up, Whirlpool
Jan Turkenburg & Pupils - In my Spaceship
John Forde - Stardance
LCD Soundsystem - Freak out/Starry Eyes
The Black Ghosts - Anyway you Choose to Give it (Playgroup remix)
Macho - I'm a Man
JAZ - Wartz and All (edit)
Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen
Black Cat Bones - QE2
Ace - How Long
STS outro



Show plays Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Don't Kill the Messenger - The Return of Speak Recordings

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Speak Recordings - Label profile

Don't call it a come back because they've been here before - Speak recordings. Pet project and passion of one Son of Sound aka Henry Maldonado, are on a come back ready to set the record straight with their style of punked-funk'd dirty disco from the likes of Nick Chacona, Drrtyhaze, InFlagranti, and Michoacan. After a short hiatus the label is back in full affect with some great releases.

Henry took some time to talk in stereo with me about the label, living in NY, and the music.

DJ BWYSE: So the label has been on a break? Why come back now and start releasing records again?

Henry: I had to take some time to get settled with good distribution and a strong catalog. I feel really positive about the whole direction and the roster of artists I have in line. Originally Speak was supposed to be a platform for my own releases but I quickly realized how much more this thing could be if I involved some really talented friends of mine.

DJ BWYSE: Can you explain why you decided to take the plunge and start Speak recordings?

Henry: To be honest, it just feels right. Over the years I have released records on other labels and somehow I don't feel as if I fully expressed myself and all my tastes. Starting Speak is something I always wanted to do and originally it was supposed to be a platform for my own Son of Sound releases. Later on I involved some friends and picked up some great releases. It's turing into a group effort and I'm appreciative of that. Of course I want to continue to release my own music, but to have the opportunity to release great music from guys I respect makes it even more worthwhile for me.

DJ BWYSE: Can you give us some background on yourself and the history of the label?

Henry: I produced and released tracks on labels such as Strictly Rhythm, King Street, Maxi and others since 1991. Back then the concept-name was the only way labels had any control so I went under House 2 House, DeJa Vu, Urban Rhythm, Groove Culture and a few others. I didn't take full advantage of all my opportunities then because I never really felt totally at home with following trends or surrendering to any one particular genre. I would totally involve myself in the industry then withdraw again, then resurface. While away from the industry, I found myself embracing all my musical influences. I finally started Speak as a way to "get it all out there" I guess.

DJ BWYSE: I am a huge fan of all of the artists that you are releasing but why those guys in particular? How do they fit into the overall sound of the label?

Henry: I'm a huge fan of these guys as well. The truth is they are also good friends. I've known Doug Gomez from Drrty Haze for years while he was A&R for another label. Through him I met his partner Matthew Moffre, through him I met Nick Chacona and so on. These guys are all great and aside from being talented they are friends and that's what's most important. There will always be talented people, genuine people are harder to find. Nick, Drrty Haze, In Flagranti and Michoacan are all different while remaining in-line with Speak's direction. I obviously want to release quality dance floor music, but I want the releases to have integrity. The nu-disco, new-wave and punk-funk sound is pretty big now, but these guys are genuine and it shows in there tracks.

DJ BWYSE: Your a DJ also under the Son of Sound moniker? I have always dug your culture clash mixes. Describe your sound and past musical influence?

Henry: Of course I'm a huge fan of Disco (who isn't these days) and what is considered "post-disco" was just the stuff I used to listen to on the radio, in the roller-skating rinks, after school in the parks, etc. My parents are huge music fans and I grew up on a steady diet of soul, R&B and tons of great Latin music. I'm a 70s baby but lived in the 80s so of course hip-hop, new-wave and no-wave are a big part of my influences as well. My own sound is a work in progress. I won't stray to far from the signature but I guess it's all things NY. If there's something "retro" about my sound, I guarantee it isn't "retro" for the sake of being "retro", it's just the influences at work.

What is the future of Speak recordings? Upcoming Artists? and releases?

Henry: I will listen to it all, keep my ears to the pavement. Sounds change, styles change but I will always stay close to my tastes in picking up releases, producing and DJing. I do want to release artists albums, a Son of Sound album is definitely in the future. I guess we will all have to wait and see.

DJ BWYSE: So the label is based in Brooklyn? Are you a transplant or native? Why base the label there?

Henry: I'm a New York native, raised in Queens and now I live in Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn and other than Manhattan, there isnItalic't another borough I would want to run my label from. I'm a stones throw away from In Flagranti, Darshan Jesrani, Nick Chacona, and so many others. New York's my home and although there some amazing places in the world, I'm not sure I want to live anywhere else - at least not yet.

Mr. Son of Sound has graciously done an exclusive mix for Talking in Stereo, it is the 4th volume of his Culture Clash series.

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Son of Sound - Culture Clash Volume 4


Son of Sound - Culture Clash Vol.4
1. Chas Jankel - AI No Corrida
2. Kid Creole - In The Jungle
3. Turnstyle Orchestra - Latin Soul
4. Hugh Masekela - Don't Go Lose It Baby
5. Prins Thomas - Guade Loop
6. Nick Chaconna & Sasse - The Fog
7. Boyd Jarvis & Timmy Regisford - Battle Of The Beats
8. System - Times of Passion
9. Michocan - Base Head
10. NRK - Tonight
11 .Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk
12. League Unlimited Orchestra - Do or Die
13. Your Favorite Dancer - Pussyfeat
14. Giorgio Moroder - Evolution
15. Kano - It's A War
16. Bronx Dogs - Closing In (Richard Sen Remix)
17. Son of Sound - Start it Up
18. Ben Cook - Physical
19. Son of Sound - Curious (Steve Kotey Remix)
20. Electric Light Orchesatra - One Summer Dream