Monday, April 28, 2008

Salty Disco Vol2 Courtesy of ANOE

My new mix has been posted on Another Night on Earth!!! Summertime Vibes!


She Talks in Stereo - Candy Dreams (sts39)


Description: I slept so good last night, I had Candy Dreams. . .

1) STS Intro
2) Chromatics - I'm on Fire
3) Matthew Wilder - Break my Stride (Jacques Renault edit)
4) Anzen Chitaii - Happiness
5) POLLYester - Erectric Guitar
6) Brennan Green - 900lb Man
7) They Came from the Stars (I saw Them) - The HOT Inc (Geek Chics Church Of The Poisoned Mind Remix)
8)Grizzlehand - Its Hans Dansa
9) POLLYester - You are Amen (Dompteur Mooner Mix)
10) Al McCall - Hard Times (12" Dub mix)
11) Blackbelt Anderson - Syrup
12) Danny Tenaglia - Bottom Heavy (Bottom Sound of Lisbon)
13) Altz - Epics and Donuts (Mungolan Jetset mix)
14) Padded Cell - Fare Beneath London
15) GQ - Disco Night (Rock Freak)
16) Artist Unknow - Malinga (Diesel & Jarvis Adjustment)
17) Nina Hagen Band - Auf'm Nahnhof Zoo (Allez- Allez Mix)
18) Zombie Zombie - Driving this Road until Death
19) UB40 - Doomsday Dub
20) STS Outro

Show plays Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Record Release Party 5.2.08

For all you SD heads wanted to let you know about my record release party. I am very excited that Paul ' Mudd' Murphy is pressing up 500 of a split ep of edits by: Tusk (that's me), Half-fact, & JAZ. I am in great company as you can see.


Album Artwork:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Safe Area - The Rise of the Tokyo Drifter


Innersounds' Jez Proctor has dropped a very engaing set of sounds in his newest mix. The mix is made up of records culled from his digging sessions in back alleys and second-hand retail stores in Tokyo. Its the second volume in his Tokyo Drifter series.

Here is what he says about it"But as with the first mix, this is not just Japanese music, this is any record I bought while in Japan. And as the last week’s posts have highlighted, there is a lot of stuff out there I’ve never seen in the UK. So be prepared for a little samba, or gospel boogie - it’s not all camp Japanese disco…though there is a fair bit of that as well…"

He has also been kind enough to offer you dear readers two stand-out tracks for your aural enjoyment.

Kai Band - Curtain
Anzen Chitaii - Happiness

This is what I call Tokyo Balearic!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Future Survival (STs #38)


1) STs Intro
2) Boney M - Never Change Lovers in the Middle of the Night
3) Les Edits Du Golem - Chico
4) Fern Kinney - Baby Let Me Kiss You
5) Smith & Mudd - Shulme (Lexx Mix)
6) Steve Miller Band - Macho City (DJ Harri Edit)
7) Limousine - Daddy Grandpa
8) King Cresote - You've No Clue Do You (Pilooski edit)
9) Grizzlehand - Its Disco Dub
10) Arbeld Adelt - Death Disco (Todd Terje Edit)
11) Angel Moraes - Deep Inside (Deep House Mix)
12) Akwaaba - DP3NIS (Version Idjut)
13) Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance (Glimmers Remix)
14) Angel Moraes - The Cure (12" megamix)
15) Brennan Green - 900lb man (Force of Nature Remix)
16) Discosessions - Mahmoods Man
17) Lawerence Rabbit - Tube (DJ Koze)
18) Trax - Do you wanna be a star
19) STS Outro

Show plays Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Monday, April 7, 2008

Coming Soon - Grizzlehand on Speak Recordings


Its Disco Dub (excerpt)

I'm a Hans Dansa (excerpt)

Release Date: May 19th

As 2/3rds of the Chicken Lips trio, Stevie Kotey and Dean Meredith have solidified their place as nu-disco pioneers and post-disco champions. The duo reunites to form Grizzlehand and deliver a killer double A-sided gem, chocked-full-oh disco goodness.
It’s Disco Dub informs us of what’s to follow in the title itself. The track opens with a killer one-and-two step drum groove, timbale solo and a baseline that will surely appease the early hip-hop ghosts of Crotona Park. The groove change includes a more traditional disco base lick, guitar rhythm and additional synth lines.
I’m a Hans Dansa takes a mid-tempo approach with a moody guitar melody and single note guitar arpeggio. Like all good things disco, the track is laced with plenty of percussion, effects and dance-floor friendliness.
Both tracks are reminiscent of the days Konk ruled the streets of New York and are homerun hitters for fans of Chicken Lips, Lindstrom, Prins Thomas and Idjuts Boys.