Tuesday, May 29, 2007


From the 1992 Nerve Net album:
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In 1991, Brian Eno announced the imminent release of his first all-pop solo album since 1978's BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE, to be called MY SQUELCHY LIFE. Instead, Eno shelved that album and released the peculiar NERVE NET in its place. Featuring a few of MY SQUELCHY LIFE's proposed songs, including the charming collage-like title track, the lengthy album is mostly instrumental. However, it's not at all like Eno's previous ambient work; these 12 songs are emphatically danceable and far less hermetic. Guests include guitarists Robert Fripp, Robert Quine, and Jamie West-Oram; keyboardists John Paul Jones, Benmont Tench, and Roger Eno; and a variety of drummers and percussionists who blend club-scene techno with exotic world music accents. The brief, gentle solo keyboard piece "Appendix: Decentre" adds a becalmed coda, but this frantic, polyglot album deserves the often self-contradictory list of adjectives presented in the liner notes.

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