Monday, December 10, 2007

Coyote - Cava & Cake Mix (Talking in Stereo Exclusive)

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Timm Sure returns to Talking in Stereo under his Coyote guise delivering a dreamy mix filled with intestallar sounds and nouvelle Balearique rhythms.

Coyote - Cava & Cake Mix

mindless boogie-rainchild (in Flagranti edit)

cage & aviary-television train

bunny wailer-back to school (Dub)

will powers-kissing with confidence (Dub)

vangelis-multi track suggestion

kylie-two hearts (Studio mix)

divine edits-sermon (serotonon edit)

disques sinthomme-tight!

coppa-society ho's (pt 2)

l.u.p.o-keep it up (guitar mix)

dutch rhthym combo-bonnaire (Maximillian Skiba mix)

was not was-i feel better than james brown

kate bush-running up that hill (ashley beadle edit)


loxislove said...

I still don't know where to post so i'm writing here. Well, it's although can be related to the coyote mix 'cause i've downloaded it and i find it awesome!!! But my first intention was to thank and congratulate you for your blog and mixes wich i find both amazing!!! I'm downloading almost all the mixes you host (from you and your guests)and i love these space happy AND melancholic sounds you put together. Excuse my english but i'm french... So keep on doing it 'cos you're doing it good!!!

DJ BWYSE said...

Hey Appreciate the comment thanks for checking the site out. Peace