Sunday, January 13, 2008

In the Light of Saturn by Pavel Plastikk


This is the first edition in a great new series of mixes from Ukrainian wonderboy Pavel Plastikk that I will be hosting. This is an ongoing mix series dedicated to the planets of the Solar System. First up is the the mix called "In the Light of Saturn," this mix is an all vinyl mix composed of spacey breaks and galactically inclined music all from Mr. Plastikk's record collection. Next up is Earth and Neptune.

This is a mystey mix so no tracklisting availible. Just sit back and let the stars and galaxies swirl. . . Enjoy

In the Light of Saturn by Pavel Platikk


Fånkk said...

Almighty Pavel, great mix.

Christine Renee said...

Wow, i was just listening to a news cast about Saturn and a team of scientists who've been obsessed with the planet forever are just getting some new photos now and they are having a major nerd fest about craters and fault lines.

They spoke about how emotional it was for them to finally have such clarity in their photos.

I wished I could be there. I guess they're not far off from DJs. thanks for the mix!

Pavel said...

thanks, amigos