Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jan Hammered - Deep Album Cuts


Jan Hammer Group - Oh Yeah!

Jan Hammer Group - One to Love

Jan Hammer Group - Bambu Forest

Jan Hammer Group wikkipedia entry


Elwood said...

This album has some great moments, thanks for reminding me of it.

Anonymous said...

That "One To Love" track is the shit! bought the LP 2nd hand one year back just because of that! thx forpostingthe mp3, so nice to have it in the headphones on a rainy day at work.

Greets & mucho thanks for a cool site :)


DJ BWYSE said...

Cheers guys thangs for the comments. Yeah "one to love" is def teh standout track. Peace

Anonymous said...

hey, the link is broken.

DJ BWYSE said...

With my free divshare account I can't keep up anything past 30 days. Sorry