Thursday, May 22, 2008

Balearik 7's - MIxed by Paul Williams


Paul Williams aka Baleariksoul has dropped a slice of summer time fun in the sun with a mix of all Balearic 7''s. You know those little records. .. I am also very excited to annouce Paul has been added to the amazing team which has been stormin the interweb with shows from DJ Alex from Voices, Jonny Nash (Discosssions) & Cedric Woo (Beauty & the Beat) (starting hopefully June 1st).

He will also be organizing his "Party with no Name" playing those choice classics from your favorite genres with no name (June 21st 2008). Last but not least Paul is the gate-keeper to international disco cartel known as Beard Science. #2 droppin soonish!


The Coldest Days Of My Life
Living In The Past
Babes In The Wood
You Can't Run From Yourself
Just Let Me Do My Thing
Coconut Reggae
You In The Night
Love Theme
The Language Of Love (Priscenol...)
Beat The Clock
The Lone RangerMoney B
Love For The Sake Of Love

Balearik 7's mixed by Paul Williams

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