Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Krikor and the Dead Hillbillies

New TigerSushi release. Sound real tastey and different


Press Release

Remember "Murder Ballads"? Well, this is "Murder Disco". The urge and darkness of alternative underground culture - from frenzy Psychobilly to throbbing Industrial - brought back into dance music by France's best kept secret, Krikor.

Why has Krikor never released an album before the one on which you'll find this first single? That remains a mystery, maybe because this guy is the kind of crazy perfectionnist who will spend months on reworking a track. Maybe because he was waiting for the right time. And this time has come. Prince and Throbbing Gristle on a boat is the kind of feeling you get while listening to his album. Stompin beats and overdriven synths, oldschool drum machines and outer-space sound sculptures.

On this first single, Krikor and his Dead Hillbillies invited the great Nicolas Ker of Poni Hoax fame to lay his deep dreadful voice. For proper dancefloor action, Krikor reduced the original himself to a heavy bass disco monster full of percussions and tape delay.On the flip, two typical Krikor tracks, stomping beats and acid guitars bringing the (dark) funk back in Electronic music.

Preview track


janice said...

been hearing so much about this promo release-- and of course, can't find it anywhere. is there any way you could post "break it all"? please? id love to hear nicolas ker on it. great blog!

DJ BWYSE said...

Check your Twitter account

groundbird said...

Since I have heard this tune in BIS #462, I don't know rest. Unfortunately, your link is dead :( Where have you found this track? None of the online stores carry it. The same problem with Azari & III - Hungry For The Power.