Thursday, January 14, 2010

She Talks in Stereo - Show #75



Al Stewart - Year of the Cat
Earth Wind and Fire - Happy Feelin (DK edit)
Brennan Green - My First House
House of House - Rushing to Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix)
Lama - Love is on the Rocks
Caribou - She's the One (Hot Chip Remix)
Lulu Rouge - Melankoli (Mungolian Jet Set Wet Version)
Capracara - King of the Witches
Rocha - Hands of Love (Reverso 68 MIx)
Canyons - Fire Eyes
Homeboy Trombone - Lullaby (Darshan Jesrani Mix)
Fase Action, Yam Who? = In the Light of the Miracle
The Love Supreme - Sugar (Social Disco Club Remix)
Ali Renault - Lacrimal
Ali Renault - Cuffs


Off the record djays said...

Hello Dj BWYSE

We have discovered you mixes at another niht on earth, and have being following your work since.

We just love your sets.

Congratulations from Portugal

Off The Record

DJ BWYSE said...

Thanks so much. Hit me up if you want me to host a mix for ya. Cheers thanks for taking the time to listen!