Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She Talks in Stereo - #95


1) Begin - Velocity Part 2
2) Greg Allman - Midnight Rider
3) Shawn Lee's Pong Pong Orchestra- San Diego
4) Sharon Jones - This Land is your Land
5) Chicken Lips - She Fish [The Main Stem Country Fishing Trip]
6) I-Boat Captain - Moody Beat Coyote remix)
7) Mudd - Ossians Cave [Deep Discovery Mix]
8) Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round(Stallions Remix)
9) Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses(long version)
10)Midnight Oil - The Dead Heart
11)Pete Gooding & Chris Coco- Believe [Pharao Black Magic Truth Remix]
12)Peter Visti - Drinking In Darkness
13)Skylevel - Missus Hudu
14)The Heels Of Love Ft Max Essa - Chain Gang [Foto Remix]
15)The Mythical Beasts - Communicate (Mis Communication Version by Brennan Green)
16)Wild Rumpus - Cloudhopping (Mudd Remix)
17)White Elephant - Sir John (Mark E Remix)
18)Mountaineer - Golden Chalk (Version Idjut)
19)Pastor TL Barrett - Like A Ship

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