Thursday, January 25, 2007

Los Manos Des Amor Mix

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Los Manos Des Amor


George Michael- Father Figure
Grace Jones- Done it again
Jean Luc Ponty - ?- Supreme edit
GUN - Sunshine
Steve Miller Band - Take the $ and run
The Zebras - Paradise Garage
Kid Creole and the Cocanuts- Annie, I am not your Daddy!
? - Going back to the Piano sound - Betty Botox re-edit
? - Peaches and Prunes - Automan 2
JJ Cale - High - (Mischief Brew re-edit)
Gwen Gutherie - Peanut Butter intro
Gwen Gutherie - Hopscotch
Greg Wilson re-edit - Redux 1
Patrick Cowley - Primitive World


John Zahl said...

Love that Peaches and Prunes edit! I think it's "Nightlife Unlimited".

John Zahl said...

here's a link to "Inbetweenies":