Tuesday, January 23, 2007

She Talks in Stereo # 6 - Omega Flight

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This is weeks show is a look into outerspace sounds coated with cosmic dust and debris. Get yourself strappped in for a interstellar journey.

Track listing:

Unknown - Fly Cloudy Dream
A.I.M - So Evil CLose to the Edge
Kelley Polar - My Beauty in the Room
Morgan Geist - SkyBlue Pink
Peter Visti - Bad Weather
Baldelli - Phobos
Sally Shapiro - Sleep in my arms
N.O.I.A - Stranger in a Strange land
Cloud one - Atmosphere Strut
Force of Nature - A Dark Nebula
Logic System - Clash
Atmosfear - Dancing in Outer Space
The Glimmers - Time 4 Action (Padded Cell remix)
LSB - Original Highway Delight
Lindstrom & Prins THomas - Claudio
Altz - Nail Graf
Hawkwind - Chronoglide Skyway

The Show airs live this Thursday 1/25/07 @ 1PM PST and 2nd airing Saturday 1/27/07 9PM PST

URL: www.viva-radio.com
Archives: www.viva-radio.com/shetalksinstereo


1 comment:

John Zahl said...

That Hawkwind track is a new fave for me, since it was posted on the dream Chimney. looking forward to your next show. Best, JAZ

p.s., mine starts fortnightly tomorrow from 10pm-midnight on Weds on viva. excited!