Monday, April 28, 2008

She Talks in Stereo - Candy Dreams (sts39)


Description: I slept so good last night, I had Candy Dreams. . .

1) STS Intro
2) Chromatics - I'm on Fire
3) Matthew Wilder - Break my Stride (Jacques Renault edit)
4) Anzen Chitaii - Happiness
5) POLLYester - Erectric Guitar
6) Brennan Green - 900lb Man
7) They Came from the Stars (I saw Them) - The HOT Inc (Geek Chics Church Of The Poisoned Mind Remix)
8)Grizzlehand - Its Hans Dansa
9) POLLYester - You are Amen (Dompteur Mooner Mix)
10) Al McCall - Hard Times (12" Dub mix)
11) Blackbelt Anderson - Syrup
12) Danny Tenaglia - Bottom Heavy (Bottom Sound of Lisbon)
13) Altz - Epics and Donuts (Mungolan Jetset mix)
14) Padded Cell - Fare Beneath London
15) GQ - Disco Night (Rock Freak)
16) Artist Unknow - Malinga (Diesel & Jarvis Adjustment)
17) Nina Hagen Band - Auf'm Nahnhof Zoo (Allez- Allez Mix)
18) Zombie Zombie - Driving this Road until Death
19) UB40 - Doomsday Dub
20) STS Outro

Show plays Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST


AgwA said...

I would love to here this or even have a copy. Is there a way to do either.

DJ BWYSE said...

You can access and listen to it streaming through the I'll try and knock 2gther a downloadable version. Thanks for stopping by. Peace

AgwA said...

Thanks in advance for any efforts. Until then I am trying to access the archive without maxing my computer. This machine must not be able to handle too much ggod stuff at one time. hahahaha


AgwA said...

Excellent set. If possible and easier I would love to have track 17 with Nina Hagen Its an excellent tune and its the best or only remix I have heard. I loved her when she was with Spliff. Way beyond their time.

Absolutely AWESOME.

Thanks so much.

P.S. You can consider this begging. hahahahahahaha

Peace back at ya.

AgwA said...

Should I beg more. hehehehehehehe
I am checking every day with high hopes. I just love this set.