Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Safe Area - The Rise of the Tokyo Drifter


Innersounds' Jez Proctor has dropped a very engaing set of sounds in his newest mix. The mix is made up of records culled from his digging sessions in back alleys and second-hand retail stores in Tokyo. Its the second volume in his Tokyo Drifter series.

Here is what he says about it"But as with the first mix, this is not just Japanese music, this is any record I bought while in Japan. And as the last week’s posts have highlighted, there is a lot of stuff out there I’ve never seen in the UK. So be prepared for a little samba, or gospel boogie - it’s not all camp Japanese disco…though there is a fair bit of that as well…"

He has also been kind enough to offer you dear readers two stand-out tracks for your aural enjoyment.

Kai Band - Curtain
Anzen Chitaii - Happiness

This is what I call Tokyo Balearic!


Oliver said...

Wow, the music here never ceases to amaze!

DJ BWYSE said...

Thanks Oliver. Appreciate the sentiment. Peace

thebeathunters said...

too bad its wav format

DJ BWYSE said...

Hey BH, Give me through the weekend and I will convert. Thought moset would appreciate the higher quality. Peace

sexy said...





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