Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Le Disco: Tele Music Remixed


Here is an exciting new project form the dudes that give you djhistory.com. Its Tele Music remixed.

Project Description (from Bill Brewster):

We've got a compilation called Le Disco coming out shortly on download. This is the first part of the project (there are two volumes in total, the other one follows in 2009). Don't know if you know anything about Tele Music but it's sort of the French equivalent to KPM, the famous British library label that Alan Hawkshaw and others recorded for. They were also responsible for releasing the Arpadys album and the Voyage LPs (it was the same team of musicians who did most of the disco library recordings as well as both Arpadys and Voyage: Slim Pezin, Alain Dahan, Sauveur Mallia, Marc Chantereau etc etc). Anyhow, most of the tracks we've taken and edited or remixed are culled from the Disco & Co series of library albums as well as the Spatial & Co and Arpadys projects, too.

And as a taster Bill has provided an edit done by Psych-Balearic Autuer Leo Elstob of A MOuntain of One Fame and Rat Salad Edits.

Baby's Band (Re-edited by Leo Zero)

Preview Other Tracks off the album

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