Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spaced Out: The Musical Musings of Arthur Russell (STS 50)


This weeks show (my 50th) is in honor of disco savant Arthur Russell and his eclectic blend of musical styles. Check out the new documentary on this overlooked New York Original.

'Wild Combination: A Potrait of Arthur Russell'


1) Wild Combination Documentary Excerpt- Spaced Out Intro

2) Arthur Russell - Lucky Cloud

3) Arthur Russell - Tower of Meaning/Rabbit's Ear

4) Arthur Russell - Treehouse

5) Arthur Russell - See My Brother, He's Jumping Out

6) Wild Combination Documentary Excerpt - Songwriter. . .

7) Arthur Russell - Springfield

8) Arthur Russell - You Have Done the Right Thing putting in that Skylight

9) Arthur Russell - Make 1,2

10) Arthur Russell - I Like You

11) Arthur Russell - Hop on Down

12) Wild Combination Documentary Excerpt - Music Heals. . .

13) Arthur Russell - The Platform for the Ocean

14) Arthur Russell - In the Light of the Miracle

15) Arthur Russell Sketch for Face of Helen

16) Arthur Russell Our Last Night Together

17) Arthur Russell - Get Around To It

18) Arthur Russell - That's Us/Wild Combination

19) Arthur Russell - Instrumentals 1974

20) Wild Combination Documentary Excerpt - Endtro

Show streams Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

Arthur Russell Info from Fact Magazine


Rubs said...

good shit bobby. keep up the FUCKEN amazing job you are doing on this blog. i know sometimes it may seem that we are not here, but we are, I know sometimes it's a thankless job, but we thank you. YOUR BLOG IS THE SHIT HOMIE...and i know everyone reading along is thinking the same thing.

menijny said...

So good source for amazing disco/dance music : ) Thanks!

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