Friday, December 15, 2006

Hustle and Flow- Reggae Disco Covers

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This compilation is an endless source of great tracks. For me this is a marriage made in Disco heaven, I have always had a love for reggae which was really one of my first musical obsessions and its paring of great disco covers you can't go wrong. The two I have selected are representative of the quality coming out of this compilation. Enjoy and check the disco reggae grooves.


1.Blood Sisters - Ring My Bell
2.Derrick Laro & Trinity - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
3.Latisha - I'm Every Woman
4.Black Harmony - Don't Let It Go To Your Head
5.Family Choice - Reggae Beat Goes On
6.Xanadu & Sweet Lady - Rappers Delight
7.Carol Cool - Upside Down
8.One Blood - Be Thankful

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