Wednesday, March 7, 2007

She Talks in Stereo #9 (Disko-Plated Skull)

Back agian for the next installment of She Talks in Stereo courtesy of the mighty

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Show #9: Disko-Plated Skull

The crew of the STS voyager strap on their disko-plated helmets and trek across the universe in search of their ancestors future and past. This is the soundtrack to their journey.

Handsome Boy Modeling School Feat Shaun Lenneon - Sunshine (Groove Armada's Sunset Dub)
Patrick Cowley - Mutant Man
Stone - Time (Dub)
Swimmingpool - Last Night (Roots of Reggae Vocal Mix by Supermax)
Mark E - Deja Vu
EPOD - The Pursuit (Brennan Green's Trackdown mix)
Vangelis - Let it Happen (Beatfanatic remix)
Findlay Brown - Losing the will to Survive (BTWS Remix)
Bent - Always (Ashley Beedle remix)
Perspects - They Keep Dancing (Nuvo Mix)
Muallem- Shanti Dance Feat. The Droids (The Glimmers Acid Dub)
Larry Heard - Freaky
Phuture - Jiggerwatts
Rekid - Next Stop Chicago
Jorge Santana - Darling I Love U (Underdog edit)
Jimi Hendrix - Third Rock from the sun


Show plays Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturday @ 9-11 PST

Thank for everyone's support and interest in the show.

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