Thursday, March 15, 2007


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Thanks to JAZ at the amazing dreamchimney blog for posting this. When I dowloaded it I did not realize it was the track that I have been searching for that I had heard DJ Alex from Voices Collective play.

Billy Thorpe - Stimulation

Beardo Classic -
Flash in the Pan - Waiting for a Train
Wikipedia entry

AIR - Modulator (Stein House Mix)


rubs said...

flash in the pan track is HOT

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice comment.I was going to put this tune up aswell but mine has something all over it??so I wont put that up!.can you put my blog on your links & ill do the same.Lazy

John said...

So glad you enjoyed re-discovering this one proper! Billy Thorpe's singing is insane (and Australian, which is kind of cool). I love to mix it into Greg Kihn. Keep up the good stuff! JAZ