Saturday, April 7, 2007


Chee Shimuzu is one of the most inspiring Dj's I have come across. Blending psychedelic dance tunes into a swirling adventure of baked sound.
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Chee - Cosmic Child of Jimbo
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Egotrya Chee's site

Check Lovefingers for some more chee action

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Flynn said...

Chee Shimizu, Wow!! Its not often that a DJ mix makes me say that nowadays! The mix you posted and the one from Lovefingers are both superb. This guy really seems to get the whole 'Cosmic' thing, well my idea of it anyway. Its also really nice to hear a little bit of the Japanese? influences filtering through. I'm kind of starting to get a little bit bored of only hearing 'Kraut this' or 'Italo that' and of course those Norwegian producers, all the time (still listen to em though).

Thank you so much for posting it. Its made my day.

I'll be off to check out the rest of your goodies now.


DJ BWYSE said...

Hey Flynn,
Thanks alot. Def check out Dr. NIshimura and Marbo. There is a DR. mix on Lovefingers also. I really love these guys. Doing amazing stuff. Thanks for the comment appreciate it!!
I'll post up some Nishimura stuff in the future. Peace

rusnon said...

Hey man, yeah Chee is such a good dj and Cosmic Child on Jinbo is one of the best ive heard from him; thank you... Could you guys tip me as to where to go to hear some mixes by Marbo? Is he associated with the discosession crew? cheers