Thursday, April 5, 2007

Exclusive Mix by JAZ - Show Me on the Doll (Part 3)

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JAZ - Show me on the Doll (part 3)

I am very excited about the opportunity to host this exclusive mix from re-edit maestro JAZ. I first got wind of this guy through his selections and postings on Dream Chimney. JAZ has also recently started a radio show on called Emerald Lounge. Don't sleep on this crazy crate digger and re-edit fiend.

1. Liquid Mask: Flying (edit)
2. Ganymed: Hyperspace
3. Face Dancer: Please Change (edit)
4. Omega: Perlen Im Haar (edit)
5. Billy Wyman: A New Fashion
6. Beard Science: Dancing Knights (45 Badger edit)
7. Yoko: Never Say Goodbye
8. Colourbox: Turantula (edit)
9. Roger Powell: Lunar Plexus
10. Johnny Davis: The Joker (edit)
11. Instructions: The Factory (edit)
12. Synergy: Delta One (edit)
13. Supercharge: I Think I’m Gonna Fall in Love (edit)
14. The Immortals: Warlords (pt.2)
15. Hunter: She’s Got It (edit)
16. Yazawa: The Ride
17. Supermax: Dance Dance Dance (live)
18. Suzy Andrews: Coming at You (edit)
19. Instructions: Cleek (edit)


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Anonymous said...

Awesome mix!