Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chris Keyz plays Crosstown Freebeards Jazzbeats & Jailbirds

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I am proud to announce the third exclusive mix for Talking in Stereo. It comes from a great DJ and audio blogger out of South Africa, Chris Keyz.

Chris runs one of the best audio blogs on the net called Another Night on Earth. His Blog has just reached 50,000 visits due to his intriguing and discerning collection of re-edits and exclusives that Chris posts and writes about. If someone would have told me 6 months ago I would be hosting a mix from a DJ almost half way across the world I would have said they were crazy. Now on to the music.

I want to thank Chris again for the opportunity and his effort involved. Look out for pt 2 coming soon!

Chris Keyz - Crosstown Freebeards Jazzbeats & Jailbirds

1. The Champs Boys Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix)
2. Venus Gang - Love To Fly
3. Micheal Quatro - Stripper (Lexx Edit)
4. The Billy Cobham & George Duke Band - Do What Cha Wanna
5. Your Favourite Dancer - Pussyfeet
6. Snuten - Wild & Free (Claws Against Knives) (Todd Terje Night Version)
7. 7 Samurai - Modernization
8. Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions
9. Dennis Jr & LP - Things Are Getting Better
10. Patrick Cowley - Sea Hunt
11. Betty Botox - I am an Indian Three
12. Idjut Boys - Smoke Me
13. DJ Harvey - C is for Charlie
14. Sun La Shan - Catch
15. The Human League - Being Boiled (Beborn Beton Mix)
16. Gaz Nevada - I.C. Love Affair (Munk Edit)
17. Billy Paul - East (re-adjustment by Diesel & Dj Harvey)

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