Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jez Proctor - Ancient Future Percussion Exclusive mix

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Today I bring you the newest exclusive mix for Talking in Stereo from former Horselatitides' contributer and innersounds' Jez Proctor. He does a really good job stepping out of the norm and selecting old and new tracks that flow together with a very interesting vibe.

Jez Proctor - Ancient - Future Percussion

Here is his bio and what Jez says about the mix:

Growing up in a house that was most definitely not filled with music I can still remember my first trip to a record store.I was staying at a friend’s house and his Mum was taking us. We could buy one 7 inch each. He got Whitney and I got Europe’s Final Countdown….or maybe it was the other way around?

Either way that afternoon and evening was spent air keyboarding around his living room and singing to his dog that we both just wanna dance with somebody.Fast forward a couple of decades and I’ve been clean of bad rock and bad hair for a few years now. I checked out a musical health spa called the Loft a few times, read the scriptures about the Garage, the Music Box, and took my turn on the dance floors of a few different clubs at epic times. My love for the 4/4 beat has never been as strong as my love of balls out percussion.

This mix brings together a few favourites. From Gene Krupa and the jazz halls to Trevor Jackson dubs and some sweetly programmed hi-hats. Percussion - be it old or new - is where this mix is at and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Shake it!

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