Monday, July 23, 2007

Mungolian Smack

Dear Readers I have a very special treat for you I just received through the wonders of myspace the advance copies of the King Kung Foo records release. These guys first came to my attention through their amazing psychedlic release from Belgium's Ronny And Renzo. This release included an amazing rework by the slo-mo disco kings Quiet Village.

King Kung Foo really put their heart and soul in their releases using exciting art work to supoort the amazing music. Each release is a special and individual "art work" and expereince. On their third release they are set to show other labels how to distinguish themselves from the pack take note of this exciting new label and artists.

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Mutron - Alone (Ronny & Renzo Remix)

Mutron - Alone

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Ronny and Renzo - Big Smack & Flies

Ronny and Renzo - Big Smack and Flies ( Mungolian Jetsets Medievel Knievel remix)

King Kung Foo Records

Rony And Renzo

Mungolian Jetset


*Used with permission from the label


Martin said...

You uploaded the Mungolian remix two times.

Which is understandable cause it is beautiful! As the Mungolian reworks always are. I own a Mungolian Jetset album but somehow I don't get the connection to their amazing remix work. Do you know more about them?

christopher keyz said...

fantastic post sir!!!!!!!!

DJ BWYSE said...

Yeah they definitely bring a different vibe to their remixes. It is the alterego of DJ Strangefruit out of Norway. Their myspace has alot of good info. Thanks for checking in. I'll fix the post thanks.

christopher keyz said...

hey hey
I have been loving the stuff on your blog lately!!! actually i first heard sorcerer (re your comment on ANOE) on your blog - i had read about him and heard him mentioned but only heard him on your blog....

Anonymous said...

amazing song !!! tnkx