Wednesday, July 25, 2007

She Talks in Stereo #19 - Cryogenic Disco Nap

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Description: Your visor slides down, the fluid slides into your veins. Light years rip through your irises, a cold feeling grips your innards and your suit feels clammy with concern. . .


1) STS intro
2) The Emporer Machine - Erotic Hoverfly
3) Sorcerer - Bamboo Brainwave
4) Steve Hillage - Talking to the Sun
5) Horace Andy - Skylarking (The Revenge Caribbean Sunrise rework)
6) Mutron - Alone (Ronny & Renzo remix)
7) Hatchback - White Diamond (Prins Thomas remix)
8) Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - Tribute to E2E4
9) Jape - Floating (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
10) Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - Nummer Fire To
11) Justus Kohnke - Elan (Prins Thomas rework)
12) In Flagranti - Non Plus Ultra (Black Devil Disco Club remix)
13) Voyage - I love you dancer (Rune Lindbaek re-edit)
14) Xenon - Xenon Galaxy (Idjut Boys version)
15) STS outro



Show plays Thursdays @ 1-3PM PST and Saturdays @ 9-11PM PST

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