Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Timm Sure - Live From San Rafael (Talking in Stereo Exclusive)

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Ok Folks,
Timm Sure has been kind enough to do an exclusive mix for Talking in Stereo. Besides being a great DJ, Timm is also a producer under his, Coyote with partner Ampo, moniker making uber-Balearic tracks that douse you in sunlit atmosphere. Timm has been DJ'ing since 1988 so you know he has deep crates.

Timm Sure - Live from San Rafael

Track listing:
1) Justus Kohncke - the answer is yes
2) David Bowie - heat of the morning
3) Tangerine Dream - impressions of sorcerer
4) Phoreski - down and out
5) The World - the loop
6) Woolfy vs Projections - the return of starlight
7) Smith and Mudd - Vegetable Square
8) Coyote feat Saro Tribastone - Eve
9) Kid Creole and the Coconuts - I'm a wonderful thing, Baby
10) A Mountain of One - People without Love
11) Quartz - Meltdown
12) Coyote - Too Hard (Aeroplane remix)
13) Dc La Rue - DC le Groove (GW Edit)
14) The B-52's - 53 miles west of Venus
15) Janis Ian - Fly Too High

To get a hold of Timm's 4 mix series called "Is it Balearic. . .' run over to Cool in the Pool.

1 comment:

SoulFunkLifestyles said...

What's up, DJ Bwyse.
Guess I gotta give this mix a listen to familiarize myself with this next genre/tag - 'balearic.'

I recognize several tunes and artist on the playlist – David Bowie, Kid Creole, DC Larue, The B-52’s – but the whole concept behind the Balearic sound is a big question mark for me. Seen this term everywhere but never understood. (Actually labeling, especially in the world of electronic dance music, is getting quite excessive ... another rant, lemme stop here -LOL)

Balearic … … Hmmmmmm ??????? I read somewhere Black Uhuru’s “What Is Life” is a BIG tune in the Balearic scene. And “What Is Life” is a tune I've always really, really dug.

For the road: Funny thing: I thought the tune by Quartz was by the same group that produced the 1978 classic “Beyond The Clouds.” Checked Discogs; found out otherwise(LOL).

I’m out

SoulFunkLifestyles Universally Converging !!!