Monday, September 10, 2007

Marius Circus - Live @ Fru Hagen (Exclusive mix)

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This exclusive mix comes from the frozen fjords of Norway and the home of all things Viking Disco. Marius Circus (aka the slice and dicer Willy Japan) has been leading the charge of dance music for a while with hosted mixes on the best audioblogs (DrrtyNY and to name a few). Marius has opted to provide us with a live mix from Fru Hagen a hip cafe/club in Oslo. In this mix he pushes all the right buttons spanning tracks from the newest buzz worthy biz (Mark E's R&B Drunkie & Fleetwood Mac's U make Lovin fun) combined with disco and House classics should have brought the house down at Fru Hagen. Thanks Marius for the great toons and sharing part of the night with us. Peace


1. Bronx Dogs - Tribute To Jazzy Jay (Death Mix)
2. Tal M. Klein - Houston Brownwater Moccasins (B-Team Remix)
3. Kelis - Milkshake (Prins Thomas Edit)
4. Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng (Da Lata Remix)
5. Santa Esmeralda - Black Pot
6. Meco - Cantina Band Theme (Underdog Edit)
7. Imagination - Changes (Larry Levan Mix)
8. Cro-Magnon - La Fusion
9. Janet Jackson - R+B Drunkie (ME Edit)
10. The Rolling Stones - Miss You (Extended 12" Mix)
11. Heavy Disco - Know Thy God (L.A. Trip Edit)
12. Blaze - We All Must Live Together (Timmy Regisford 12" Version)
13. Claudja Barry - (Boogie Woogie) Dancin' Shoes (Solid State's Space Boogie Edit)
14. Whitney Houston - Love Will Save The Day (Jellybean & David Morales Underground Mix)
15. Fleetwood Mac - You Make Lovin' Fun (Remix)
16. Herbie Hancock - Saturday Night (Beatconductor's Special Disco Rework)
17. James Brown - Sex Machine (Readymade Jazz Defector Mix)


SoulFunkLifestyles said...

Blaze - We All Must Live Together (Timmy Regisford 12" Version) - A Fave. Fucked up selling my only copy!

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SoulFunkLifestyles Universally Converging !!!

Doug said...

Marius droppin' bombs as usual


DJ BWYSE said...

Very nice in deed. Thanks for stopping by Doug. much appreciated. Peace

Marius Circus said...

Thanks for the support, guys! :-)

Good to see you, Doug! S'been a while.

christopher keyz said...

fantastic mix, burning!!!