Monday, November 19, 2007

Cosmic Swamp

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Spectrum - Fallen (Tusk slo-mo edit)

Talking Heads - Swamp

China Jon - (From the Balldelli's Cosmic Comp)


Logan 5 said...

I'm not totally sure I get the Spektrum slow-down.. I mean, if they're going for Houston "Screwed and Chopped" style it needs more cough syrup and a few edits.. maybe just because I'm very familiar with this track from caning it regularly in 2003, so it's just a shift to hear it slow.

oh, FYI, the Mudd link is the same as the previous link.

DJ BWYSE said...

Thanks for stopping by. yeah the spectrum is an acquired taste. Just trying to experiment ala Baldelli. Sometimes it works sometimes not (Shrugs). Thanks for the help with the quality control on the links. Its fixed. Peace

Logan 5 said...

Actually I think that a blend of the slo-mo and the original edit could be very effective - with a little dub and some white noise sweeps as a middle section to really twist the head as you free fall. if you feel like collaborating on something, hit me up.