Monday, October 8, 2007

Deepsoul3 - Layered Bare (Talking in Stereo Exclusive)

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The Deepsoul3 team have recorded a journey through sound taking in elements of Balearica, pop, rock, and contemporary sounds. Listening to this mix is like being submersed in a very David Lynchian musical backdrop filled will cinematic overtones and dark narratives.

Can't thank the Deepsoul3 crew and Matt especially for doing this really interesting and beautiful mix. I am on my second listen so far. It is definitely an experience.

Deepsoul3 - Layered Bare

Track listing:

Al Stewart – Year of the cat
America – Horse with no name
Atlanta rhythm section – Spooky
Al Johnson – I’ve got my second wind
Lighthouse Family – Loving every minute
Wham! – Blue
The Stranglers – Paradise
Christian Zimmerman – Diary of a lost Girl (World of Apples Mojave Rehab Mix)
Pat Metheny & David Bowie – This is not America (Instrumental)
Mountain of One – Brown Piano (Studio version)
Blu Mar Ten – Home Videos
Coyote – Too Hard (Aeroplane mix)
Argent – Hold your head up
Pink Floyd – Great gig in the sky
David McWilliams – Days of Pearly Spencer

1 comment:

Enrique said...

GREAT mix. Year of the Cat was always one of my favorite songs as a kid. Still love it now, despite its (pretty effective) use in the horrible screen adaptation of "Running with Scissors."