Thursday, October 11, 2007

Journey wih Chee

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I have been hooked up lately with some Japanese exclusives from my man Dr. Rob in Japan, who along with TokyoMatt do the RIGHT/RIGHT/RIGHT parties at Bar Jam Ebisu.

So here are the first 5 tracks of Chee Shimuzu's newest promotional mix 'Journey into Exoticism' released from the great Digthedisco out of Japan.

Chee - Journey into Exoticism (first 5 tracks)

Contact Jonny Nash at if you are interested in buying it. It is def worth your money.


van said...

very special indeed thanks for sharing! rare stuff

Rachael said...

Hey there, apologies for contacting you like this, but I couldn’t find an email address. My name’s
Rachael and I work for a new media company. We’re currently in the midst of setting up a huge MP3/free download resource for music bloggers. If this seems like something you’d be interested in, drop me a line at
rachael AT hyperlaunch dot com.

Thanks for your time

Christoff said...

great stuff man! so when do you want to play on Residential Housing next?