Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Future Horizon

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Jon and Vangelis - Horizon

Halo - Future (TUSK Slo-mo Edit)


Marc said...

Was a strange night, they cleared the Music Box in the end. Kelvin Brown in the Shack was overflowing, but he was majorly on form that night and when he's on form there is nobody better. Thing is listening back to it, it's quite good. They were awesome at the December riot in 2005 though when the Goldfish Bowl in Jilly's went right off to the dirty two.

Strange question but do you know of any decent Teppenyianki restaurants in San Diego? I've just moved out here to SoCal and am craving some.

Nice blog by the way.

DJ BWYSE said...

Thanks for stopping by Marc. The only one I know of is Benihana. If you want good Japanese food then ichiban hillcrest is great and cheap. Pretty much the best restaurnats in SD are in Hillcrest. Peace