Thursday, October 11, 2007

Waltz with Altz

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Altz - Yello (Version Idjut Hoedown mix)

Altz - Max Motion

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Bio info:
ALTZ was born and raised in Osaka, Japan, where he learned to play stringed instruments such as guitar, bass, and mandolin. Impressed at an early age by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Feat, Rolling Stones, Funkadelic, Muddy Waters, Edger Winter, and Yellow Magic Orchestra, he began playing in various R&B, funk, '80s pop and hard-rock-based outfits. A trip to India gave ALTZ a new interest in trance music culture, and since that time he has seamlessly incorporated electric elements like techno and breakbeats into his music.
Since 2000, after picking up and mastering the MPC2000, ALTZ has recorded on his own and composed and edited dance music in earnest. He has since become a highly respected recording artist, DJ, and remixer, making an international impact within all genres of dance music from deep house to nu-disco. Current releases include the album LaLaLa on Japan's Zi-Koo Records and its follow-up album Yell on Steve Kotey's (Chicken Lips) internationally-known Bear Funk label out of the UK. This new four-track 12-inch includes vocals from Yoshimi of The Boredoms and two separate remixes by The Idjut Boys.


christopher keyz said...

im a huge fan of this man - there is a video clip of him dj'ing on utube.. bobby go find it, its mind blowing, he's like all over the place, rough, messy and utterly brilliant

DJ BWYSE said...

I just got a bootleg DVD of him from Japan. He plays guitar and does beats at the same time. Really cool stuff. It is a shame that the DVD's music is not much better. It pays to have friends in Japan. Peace